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Disclosures, etc.

As you’ve probably noticed, I write about more than a few products — software, Web applications, books — on these pages. I use those products and, for the most part, I have no personal relationship with the people behind those products. Nor do I have any business relationship with the companies that put out those products.

You’ll notice that I wrote for the most part. In some cases I do get review copies of books from publishers. That said, I’m not deluged with requests to review or endorse products. There’s not even a trickle of such requests, to be honest. Any products that I write about in this space I use and, in many cases, pay for out of my own pocket or PayPal account. I try to write about those products in as a critical and an unbiased manner as possible.

My thoughts and opinions are my own. They can’t be bought or rented.