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The difference between professional and wannabe writers

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That difference is simple.

Professional writers sit in front of a keyboard each and every day. Professionals march through the hard slog of learning and honing their craft. Professionals write. Professionals do the work.

Wannabe writers, on the other hand, take the easy way out. They find excuses not to do the work — they aren’t inspired or they don’t have the time to write or they haven’t finished doing research or any number of cop outs.

Professionals finish what they started. The results might not be great. The results might only be pretty good, but the professionals still tries to market or publish that writing. They don’t fall prey to the demon of perfectionism. Instead, they beat the demon back even if it means taking a bit of a beating themselves.

Wannabe writers are usually draft writers or draft bloggers. They have any number of articles and posts partly written, but they finish few or any of those articles or posts. They have countless ideas and notes tucked away in notebooks or in one note-taking tool or another. Ideas and notes they’ll never get to, that will never become an article or a story or a blog post or a book.

Whether you want to go pro or just want to write more, you need to do the hard work of writing. You need to practice, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. You need to find your voice. You need to keep writing. Dreaming about being a writer doesn’t make you one. You need to get your fingers and your imagination working.

All of that takes time and effort. It’s time and effort well spent. It’s time and effort that will separate you from the legions of wannabe writers out there.

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