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Announcing my new ebook, Glimpses of the Rising Sun

Cover of Glimpses of the Rising Sun I’m pleased to share Glimpses of the Rising Sun, the latest release from the Short ebook Project, with you.

The five essays that make up this book take you on a personal journey to Japan. But this isn’t your typical travel book. I don’t focus on the so-called must-see attractions of major cities. I don’t endlessly bemoan how expensive Japan can be. I don’t marvel at the technology or the orderliness of Japanese society or otaku culture. Instead, I take you on a personal journey to Japan. I try to go a bit further, a bit deeper than most travelogues do.

This book captures a space in time: a time of change. When I was in Japan 25 years ago, I was changing as a person. I arrived there still a bit young and inexperienced and a touch naive. I wasn’t in Japan long enough to form a full picture of the country. Even so, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the people and places all had an effect and influence on me. They opened my eyes and my mind wider. They helped shape my ideas and help me grow. The lessons I learned are as relevant today as they were in 1991.

You can view the book’s table of contents here. You can purchase Glimpses of the Rising Sun for $2.99 from Gumroad.

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