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Don't be afraid to admit your mistakes

Correcting a mistake

Every so often, I alternate as the host of a blog consultation session that’s part of a Meetup group I co-organize. It’s both a good way for me to share what I know and to learn something.

At a session in early April, 2016 one of the participants made an off-hand comment about how he hoped he didn’t screw up too badly when he got into the swing of blogging.

I immediately jumped in and told him to never be afraid of stumbling online. To never be afraid to admit his mistakes, his failures, his foibles.

Far too often, we see bloggers and experts/gurus/ninja/jedi/rock stars online. Far too often, they only present the image of themselves that they want us to see: nearly perfect, nigh infallible, supremely confident and competent. They don’t share their struggles. They don’t talk about when they fell down. They don’t admit to screwing up.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t connect with or relate to anyone like that. They’re not like me. They’re definitely not like anyone I know or have known.

I prefer to read about people who are confident but fallible. People who admit to their struggles and mistakes, but also acknowledge the role those struggles and mistakes played in their successes or in making them the people they are today.

Don’t be afraid to admit that you’re human, with human weaknesses, in your online writing. Doing that humanizes you. It makes it easy for your readers to related to you, to make a connection with you, to identify with what you’re writing.

That, to me, is the essence of authenticity. That’s somethhing which can keep people coming back to your blog.

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