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Don't compare yourself to other writers

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There’s always someone else, isn’t there? That guy or gal who can turn a phrase better than you can. Who can write faster and more fluidly than you can. Who can pull together a post or an article or a story that sings and soars.

When you compare your writer to their work, yours seems to come up short. And, to be honest, that can be discouraging. Very discouraging. Sometimes, it can make you want to pack it in and take up something else.

I’ve been in that position several times. Each time, comparing myself to other writers put a huge dent in my productivity and set back my development as a writer.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been hammering a keyboard for a while, you need to fight the urge to compare yourself to other writers.

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How to assemble your existing writing into an ebook

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Let’s be honest: not all of us have a book in us. At least, not a book in the traditional sense. By that I mean a book that we write from scratch from beginning to end.

That shouldn’t stop you from self publishing an ebook, though. Whether you’re non-fiction writer who pens blog posts or articles or essays, or a fiction writer who crafts short stories, you proabably have the fodder for a pretty good book right in front of you.

Collecting your writing into an ebook isn’t (quite) a matter of slapping your work between digital covers and selling the result somewhere online. There’s a bit more work involved.

Here’s some advice that can help you collect your writing into an ebook.

What non fiction writers can learn from reading (and writing) fiction

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I’m all thumbs when it comes to writing fiction. I tried my hand at penning short stories early in my professional career and while two of my stories came close to being published, I didn’t get any further than that.

Long ago, I realized that I’m not wired for writing fiction. I do, however, enjoy reading it. And I realize that non fiction writers have a lot to learn from reading and even trying to write fiction.

It’s definitely worth learning these lessons as they’ll give your non fiction a powerful boost. So what can you learn from fiction? Read on to find out.

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