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You need to publish more than links posts

Links in a chain

Ah, the links post. So quick and easy to pull together, so full of apparent value for your readers. I do them regularly, and they’ve been popular with readers of all of my blogs over the years.

Because they’re quick and easy, it’s tempting to publish a links post whenever you’re stuck for ideas for your blog. The problem is that links posts can quickly become the primary form of blog post that you publish.

If you’re trying to position yourself as an authority or an expert with your blog, then you need to publish more than links posts.

Why? Curation is fine in small doses. Publishing only links posts, or making them the focus of your blog, sends a message to your readers. A message that states you little or nothing original to say, that you have no ideas or opinions or insights of your own to share.

By publishing only links posts, no one will take you seriously as an expert or an authority in your niche. You’ll be seen as someone who collects only curios to share, but little else.

As I wrote a few paragraphs ago, links posts are fine if done in moderation. By moderation, I mean publishing one every week or every two weeks. Do it in conjunction with, and not as a substitute for, that longer and more insightful and more useful posts that you’ve written.

That’s one way to be taken seriously as a blogger. That’s one way to get readers to come back to your blog to look for more.

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