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Who are you as a writer?

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That’s a question that I think you, whether you’re an established writer or just starting out, should ask yourself.

And by that question I don’t mean asking yourself what kind of writing you do. I mean asking yourself what writing means to you. How your writing shapes you. What your goals as a writer are.

Do you write just for money? Are you looking to write the next great (or just good) novel? Are you an artist (or a wannabe artist), or are you someone who can tell a good story but don’t aspire to create art?

Answering the question Who am I as a writer? will help guide you in your career. Your answer will help you in your development as a writer. It will help you understand where you are and what you’ll need to do and learn to further your goals. Answering that question will help you decide what you want to write in the future.

You have to ask yourself Who am I as a writer? regularly. Maybe not every day or even every month, but perhaps once every year or two. As you develop as a writer, you change. Your focus changes. Your goals change. By asking that question, you better handle on where you want to take your writing. You get a better handle on where you want to take your career.

As you keep asking yourself Who am I as a writer? you’ll find that the answer could surprise you and take you in directions you never considered.

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