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The difference between writing and blogging

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There is no difference.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And people will try to convince you otherwise. You’ll hear self-described purists complain about the quality (or lack thereof) of blog post. You’ll hear their claims that bloggers are nothing but amateurs and wannabes. You’ll hear them contemptuously utter that bloggers can’t write.

That’s all hogwash. I’d use a strong word, but I’m trying to keep this space as family friendly as possible.

Many, many professional writers — and by professional I mean people who get paid to write — blog. They blog extensively. Sure, there are countless badly-written blogs out there. Then again, I can’t count the number of shoddy articles and books I’ve encountered. And, yes, many bloggers can write. They can write very well.

Blogging and writing, believe it or not, are the same thing. They both push words and ideas together. They both require you to craft sentences, to tell stories in an interesting and compelling way. The medium can be different, but even that’s blurring and has been for quite some time.

If there’s any difference, it’s wrapped up in immediacy. Blogging is instantaneous. Bloggers can, and often do, put their words out there. Warts and all. Many bloggers share their progress and evolution as writers in public. They bravely enduring the slings and arrows of a web where everyone can do the job better or where everyone has a (generally negative) opinion.

Some bloggers are developing their chops so they can turn pro. Pros blog to improve their writing or to expand their audiences or to tell stories they can’t tell elsewhere — or all three.

A writer can be a blogger. All bloggers are writers. It’s that simple.

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