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Doing it yourself, or getting it done right

Someone doing a DIY project

A few years ago, my wife and I decided to get ceramic tile laid in the bathroom and kitchen of our house in Toronto. We collected a few quotes before we settled on a contractor who did a great job.

When I mentioned this to someone at the time, he asked Why don’t you do it yourself? My response was I want it done quickly and I want it done properly. Mostly, I want it done well

I’m all thumbs when it comes to working with my hands. While I can do a number of really basic things around the house, anything marginally complex tends not to work out. In this case, I was more than happy to pay a competent professional to do the job properly.

So why is it that some individuals or firms won’t do the same when it comes to writers? Often, writing (as I read somewhere) is the face of the always-on corporation. You’d think that they’d want to get the best work done by the best people. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

Freelance or full time?

A woman trying to make a decision

There comes a time when many a writer has to make a choice: to enter the freelance world or to jump into a full-time job.

In the 20+ years I’ve been writing professionally, I’ve been both a full-time employee and a freelancer. Both options have their benefits, but they also have their drawbacks.

Let’s take a look at how you can decide whether to go freelance or full time.

A few links for the end of the week

Thoughts about moving your blog

A bunch of suitcases and basket, being moved by bicycle

When you start a blog, the last thing on your mind (assuming it is even on your mind) is when and how to move it. Sometimes, though, you’ll find that you want or need to move your blog — maybe to a new blog platform, or just maybe to a new space on the web.

Since I started blogging in the early 2000s, I’ve moved my blogs three or four times. Here are some lessons I’ve learned and some advice about moving your blog that I’d like to share.