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Should you throw in the towel?

Conceding defeat in a chess game

On several occasions over the years, I’ve been branded quitter. Why? Because I gave up on certain writing ideas or projects I’d been working on. I had reasons for doing that, which made sense at the time and still do today.

Some writers I know, and several more non writers, have looked at me in shock and dismay when I told them that. How could I, they asked toss away that idea or abandon that project?

There comes a time, often more than one time, when a writer has to throw in the towel. The truth is that not everything you write will turn out well. Not every ideas is going to result in something good, or even decent

Here are a few situation when you should throw in the towel.

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A look at 3 Markdown editors for writers

The Markdown Mark, created by Dustin Curtis

If you’ve read the posts in this space for any length of time, you know my feelings about Markdown. I use it for a majority of my work, including writing posts on all of my blogs. I like Markdown so much that I even wrote a book about it.

There are a number of great editors, both for the desktop and on the web, out there for working with Markdown. They’re easy to use, fast, and make writing with Markdown a breeze.

Let’s take a quick peek at a three useful Markdown editors.

On writing with your smartphone

A man holding a smartphone

A few years ago, I read an article online that focused on how writer Patrick Rhone routinely writes long-form blog posts and essays on his iPhone. I don’t remember where I read the article, but you can watch a video of Rhone demonstrating how he writes with his phone.

I know that a lot of people have fallen for the idea that smartphones are pocket-sized computers. I’m not one of them. I don’t see them as being on par, or even close, to a laptop, desktop computer, or even a Chromebook. Smartphones are just too limited.

Having written that, I do realize that smartphones can be useful. With that in mind, I decided in June, 2016 to spend a week writing on my smartphone.

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